Green/Blue streak in the sky spotted all over east coast including Upstate South Carolina -

Green/Blue streak in the sky spotted all over east coast including Upstate South Carolina

By Amy Wood

Facebook and Twitter lit up with reports from many of our viewers who spotted a strange greenish, blue streak in the sky.  Reports came in from across the upstate and around the country.

The Oconee County dispatch  tells News Channel 7, one fire department headed to the northern part of the county, after getting calls and reports from concerned residents, but found nothing.

The reports centered around a sighting just before 9 pm.

Chief Meteorologist Christy Henderson checked in with the national weather service and said the only logical explanation is a meteor.

That is the concensus around the country too.

Reports have come from Indiana, Maryland, Louisiana and Illinois.  A station in Chicago posted a story quoting Astronomer Chris Lintott who said, "The shooting star, which was a meteor probably about the size of ten grains of salt, likely won't hit the ground and won't become a meteorite."

Chicago Breaking News reports Meteoroids are pieces of material traveling through space that become meteors when they streak through the Earth's atmosphere and meteorites if they strike the ground.

On Facebook here's what you were telling Amy Wood  about what you saw:

Raheem Brown  "A friend told me it was like a comet, cruising low in the sky."

Elijah Reynolds  "I heard Westminster fire dept get toned out to an object falling from the sky with orange flames behind it near west oak high school. They weren't able to locate anything."

Brent Glover " Yes!!! Seen it here in Boiling Springs! It was almost neon green?!?"

Gail Morrow "I missed it, but my cousin who lives in NC posted that she saw a big green fuzzy ball falling from the sky"

Candace Holmes "My husband saw it and he was speechless."

Chasity Roper  "My son and I seen it!! I passed it off as a firework or something. But he insisted it wasn't. Guess he was right."
Jennifer Skidmore "I saw it! In Simpsonville....I was speechless!!"

Ryan Bollilnger "I saw a green light with a red color at the tail end. I was driving across the AL/MS border when I spotted it around 9pm."
 Did you see it? Post in our comments below.

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