Alternative Uses For Stuff Around The House -

Alternative Uses For Stuff Around The House

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From funky odors to running out of laundry detergent, solving life's little problems may not necessitate a trip to the store.

We asked you for advice on finding alternative uses to everyday stuff in your house and got some great responses.

Necessity, the father of invention, has played a big roll in how Lacey Tull, a mother of two kids, two dogs and one cat keeps her home in order.

"It is definitely the necessity of trying to keep things clean and smelling fresh so that your house don't smell like animals," said Tull.

For one, she came up with a cost-saving alternative to expensive air fresheners: a little fabric softener mixed with water in a spray bottle.

"I figured so why not try this and see how it works and now I even keep a bottle in my car so I can sprits my car and you know make it smell better."

She found rubbing alcohol, is also a powerful tool to remove crayon marks from leather. Just don't leave it on too long.

And then there's Vinegar, which she says whitens laundry, cleans out the dishwasher, and removes coffee pot stains.

Other viewers have shared success stories with using:

- cinnamon to ward off ants

- ketchup to clean varnish of pots and pans

- and bread to pick up broken of glass

This next one could really help you out if you're in a jam. You might know someone who at one point has dropped their cell phone in the toilet, well it turns out there's no better way to dry it than using cat litter.

We asked Tull: "out of any product in your house what have you found has the most alternative uses?"

"I would have to say baking soda. You can use it on your countertops, for your clothes, brushing your teeth, you can use it for just about anything," said Tull.

She says the point is, home remedies can often do the trick and will only cost you a little creativity.

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