Simple Steps To Keep Bugs At Bay Can Save You Exterminator Fees -

Simple Steps To Keep Bugs At Bay Can Save You Exterminator Fees

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There's nothing more disturbing than realizing you've got roommates, in the creepy crawly category.

Larry Motes, an Entomologist with Gregory Pest Solutions says some home remedies and common sense precautions can save you from calling folks like him.

To start, he showed us how to kill fruit flies using a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and dish soap.

"The fruit flies are attracted to the rotting apple cider, it's the smell of rotting fruit. The soap breaks the surface tension of the liquid, and they drown," said Motes.

The best defense, he says, against all bugs, is a tightly sealed house, along with calking window frames, and doors, don't overlook other easy access spots.

"Anytime you have electrical or cable boxes you have wires that enter the home. Of course they create these holes through the foundation wall and to keep it neat, but again you can patch these with a little bit of calk or copper wool," he said.

Some more prevention tips:

- Keep wood, mulch piles and leaves away from the house

- Shut the garage door to keep winged insects out

- And don't leave smelly garbage lying around, or dirty dishes.

- Trim tree limbs that are close to the roof

- Clear gutters of leaves.

And how about this. Cockroaches love to feed off the glue that's used to put together paper bags. Same thing with cardboard boxes. So think twice about storing too many.

Plants you move inside and out can also bring in spiders and the like, so give them a thorough inspection.

And make sure any standing water is changed or drained at least every week to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Finally, keeping furry friends free of fleas may save you from exterminator fees. And while you're at it, keep your pet bowls clean so ants can't have a feast.

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