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How To Keep Your Information Safe From Data Sharing

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So much for tracking your likes and posts. Facebook now wants to collect more information on you.

The social network is starting to buy outside data on everything from your age to your shopping habits, all to boost ad revenue.

Nowadays most Facebook users realize their profile, likes and posts influence the ads they see on their wall.

Tyler Shawney admits he doesn't mind the targeted ads.

"I have celiac disease so I can't eat wheat and stuff so I'll look and there'll be like gluten free stuff in the sidebar based on what I've already liked," he said.

But when we told him the social network is now buying information on him collected by outside data brokers, everything from age to location to web browsing and shopping history, he was conflicted.

"I do like the personal ads, but I don't like them getting into my business," said Shawney.

Nowadays it seems we don't have a choice, or do we?

Kevin Hodges, an IT expert with USC Upstate says if we care about our privacy, we need to take action.

"I don't think people realize the debts to which these companies go to collect their data and how much of their data is out there," said Hodges.

Hodges says there are ways to block the data mining companies from sharing our information by installing apps that stop companies from tracking your online moves.

Here are some links to those tools:


"If you tend to sign up for email list-serves use a different address than the one on your Facebook account. Also avoid giving out your phone number and zip to retailers."

Another method is to contact the data brokers directly.

"It's not as easy, it's not as simple as clicking a link and saying opt out. A lot of them you have to call or write a letter or send an email or go to a site and go through a lot of specific steps to get off their mailing list. It is possible but it's not easy," said Hodges.

Click here for a link to instructions on how to opt out of the data broker companies from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.







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