Could Some Of The 380 Million In Unclaimed Cash In S.C. Be Yours -

Could Some Of The 380 Million In Unclaimed Cash In S.C. Be Yours?

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If someone had money that belonged to you, you would want it back. But what if you didn't know they had it, and what if that someone was the state of South Carolina.

There is more than 380 million dollars in unclaimed cash. It's up to you to find out if some of that money is yours.

The odds are good you or someone you know is owed money.

When asked if he had ever checked to see if he had unclaimed cash, Graham Somerville said, "No I haven't."

That is the overwhelming response we got on a recent sunny afternoon in Greenville.

Somerville asked, "What do I have to give you, my social security number?"

That's a great question. The answer is absolutely not. You only provide your first and last name.

Sure, we might have interrupted a few cozy get-togethers, but nobody seemed to mind. Especially for those who discovered they had cash, like Kathy and Michael Davis.

"Oh my God, you've got to be kidding me," said Kathy Davis.

That was Davis' response after finding out she was owed money. "That is funny," said Davis.

After realizing money was owed, her husband Michael said, "Well, wait, no its got my name so it mean I'm owed money."

And even for the people who didn't have cash, they often had good news to share with a close friend or relative. James "Rick" Bridwell did not have unclaimed cash for himself, but found out his friend Jamey Smith did.

We found out Smith was owed more than 100 dollars, and was surprised. "Yeah, add some more zeros and I'll be really excited," said Smith.

The state says there are more than two million accounts that are still unclaimed. With less than five million people in South Carolina that is not bad odds.

We are not trying to claim everyone has money coming to them, but still of the dozen we interviewed, half learned they or someone they knew was owed money.

After learning he did not have unclaimed cash, Robert Klien said, "I thought you were going to make me a millionaire."

The cash comes from banks, businesses and former employers who have failed to track you down and are obligated to hand it over to the state fund.

John McArthur couldn't believe his mom was on the list. "She totally should. We'll have to see how much it is to decide where to go," said McArthur when it was suggested his mom take him out to dinner with the money.

With 50 percent odds, why not check? Even if you come up short, you may be able to make someone else's day.

The agency says it tends to get a surge of interest after stories like this air, so it could be several weeks to over a month before you see your money. We have a link to the website in South Carolina, as well as how to check other states.

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