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How To Stop Uncle Sam From Accessing Your Email

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Philip Elliott knows a thing or 2 about surveillance. He owns a home security company in Spartanburg.

But when it comes to accessing his online browsing history, emails and phone records, this former Marine says recent headlines leave him with feeling Uncle Sam is crossing the line.

"Our rights are being infringed on so much, I just can't believe at 73 years old I've lived this long to see our country in this condition," said Elliott.

We took those concerns to computer experts like Logan Staggs with Campus Computer to find out if there's any way we can stop the FBI from accessing our emails.

First, Staggs recommends using a network like Tor that create anonymous internet connections.

"What it does is it takes all of the transactional data that would be coming from your email server and kind of shifts it all over the world. Some of the data comes from over here, some of the data comes from here, so it makes it harder to piece together where it's coming from."

Second, Staggs says, you can use a disposable email address, but those are only good for one time use , so you can't get a reply.

Encrypting your emails is another possibility, but you'd have to brush up on how, and it's not foolproof.

"Encryption is difficult because you have to have an exchange in encryption keys between both parties," said Logan.

If that's too high tech, make the law work for you by deleting or saving on a hard drive emails that are older than 6 months. If you don't the FBI can access those without a warrant.

Elliott says he's likely to explore a few of those options, since the personal protections he once fought for seem to be fading.

"Like Orson Wells said many years ago 'big brother's watching' and he is."

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