Watch Out For Websites That Charge $ To Get You Unclaimed Cash -

Watch Out For Websites That Charge $ To Get You Unclaimed Cash

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A warning before you try to get your hands on money that is rightfully yours. You may have seen our stories on how to get unclaimed cash. Right now more than $370 million waiting to be claimed in South Carolina alone.

If you don't do it the right way, you could be paying for nothing.

Bobby Matthews in Duncan typed in her name to and was told she was owed $2150.73.

"We was like floored, we was like, what?"

She was told to pay a $24 processing fee and waited for her money to arrive. It never did. Instead her debit card was charged repeatedly over the coming weeks.

So I asked a representative at CashUnclaimed why people need to pay when the can get it for free.

They said: "We are a private company. What they pay for is register their search profile and processing their agreement forms."

That's something your state will do for free.

What's worse, when Matthews tried to cancel she kept getting the runaround. So did we when we went on to ask them why clients were unable to cancel. At that point they told us they could not hear us and said goodbye.

We didn't have a chance to ask them how they came up with the large sums people were supposedly owed.

Matthews admits, she was blinded by the money.

"All I kept seeing was that $2100."

Cash Unclaimed eventually told Matthews she was not the rightful owner. But they kept 70 of the 90 they charged her over the last few weeks.

Since then, she's learned "If you're owed anything, then you shouldn't have to pay to get it."

And she wants to make sure you don't get stuck paying something for nothing.

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