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Council Members Ask Simpsonville City Attorney to Clarify Gunfire Law

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The effort to change a gunfire law in the city of Simpsonville continued this week, but phrasing of a new amendment has caused council members to ask the City Attorney to take a look. 

The law was originally revisited to help accommodate a local business. The Gun Shop and Indoor Range in Simpsonville opened in June with hopes of building and opening an indoor shooting range in August of this year.

As the law stands now, there are few exceptions to the rule that forbids shooting a firearm in the city. You may do so if you are a police officer or participating in a theater performance.

Council members said an amendment was introduced that expands current exceptions to include such things as shooting galleries, cases of urgent necessity, and "the shooting of any rabid dog or other dangerous animal."

Stan Carper lives in Simpsonville, is a gun owner and has a bulldog names Pregger who enjoys making her rounds around the neighborhood. Carper weighed in on the issue, in support of the firing range and of protecting his family.

"If I perceive danger or my kids are around I don't have a problem shooting a dog," said Carper. "But if it's friendly, I'm going to make every attempt to be friendly with it too."

Councilman Julius Welborn said before the amendment can be passed, it needs to be looked at by Simpsonville City Attorney David Holmes.

"He can help clear up some of the wording and work with the Police Chief to make sure it will be less confusing," said Welborn.

Welborn said other council members were confused with the wording of the amendment too and were worried it could be interpreted too broadly. 

"It might be that a neighbor's dog comes to soil the yard and that homeowner could shoot the dog and say he thought the dog was rabid," said Welborn. "He could claim urgent necessity in that situation," he said.

Although Welborn added that the scenario is unlikely, and there haven't been any issues with neighbors shooting animals, it would help to get clarification.

Council members said the amendment would be discussed at the next meeting on July 9th.





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