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When we found Nila she was living in a 6 x 3 kennel  for almost 3 years.  We convinced the owner to get her spayed and build her a bigger living area.  In April this year on one of our check up tours we found out that Nila's owner died and his family needed to get " rid " of Nila asap.


We took her into our rescue, treated her for heartworm. Nila is now in foster and is looking for her forever home . She is around 3 ½ years old , great with other dogs , shy around children, house and crate trained




We also would like to talk about the new tethering ordinance ( effective since  November 2012)   in Greenville City limit .   Here is the story :


Does the Tethering Ordinance in the City of Greenville  work ?


What we need is the support of our city and law enforcement.  We put ourselves in situations that most would consider dangerous or risky because we feel morally obligated.  We police the streets and report violations when we see them.  Many of these violations are glaring and unconscionable, and we would like to toss the laws aside and either steal or buy the dogs.  Instead we bite our lips, document the violations and report them like the concerned, tax paying citizens we are.  


11 Douthit Street, on the outskirts of the city, is your usual rundown shack with that other type of Greenville citizen.  The type of citizen that drains resources and disgraces the city.  They have had Animal control called out numerous times for violations and little has been as the poor creature in the yard wastes away.  This dog is in a highly visible location to all driving by and the sight of its torture is not only a complete eyesore but also in absolute and total violation of your new tethering ordinance.


Based on our observations this dog is perpetually chained (a violation), chained unattended (2nd violation), and the chain used to constrain is also illegal.


Volunteers in our group as well as other citizens have repeatedly called Animal Control and we have been given various reasons and excuses for why this clear cut law is not being enforced.  Sufficed to say it is an embarrassment that this straight forward and simply worded law, that few in the city would disagree with, is not being enforced to the fullest extent.  Everyone involved wants to punish the offender, help the dog and clean up our city, so why is it that us citizens are feeling abandoned right now, where is the concern and enforcement?


Sec.4-5 - Animal Care General.


( c ) It shall be unlawful for a responsible party to tether and animal while outdoors, except when all of the following condition are meet:


1.           The animal must be over the age of six month.

2.           The animal is in visual range of the responsible party and the

               responsible party is located OUTSIDE with the animal

 3.           The animal is not tethered more than 2 hours in any

               continuous 12 hour period

 4.           The tether is connected to the animal with a buckle type collar

                or a body harness made of nylon or leather not less than one

inch in width and is one inch greater in diameter than the

               animals neck or torso

5.           The tether has the following properties

               A. a minimum twelve foot length

               B. a swivel type termination at both ends

               C. Is not a made of chain


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