SC fair worker's kindness explodes on social media after mom tha -

SC fair worker's kindness explodes on social media after mom thanks him on Facebook

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Lovell Thompson (left) and Kathy Brown's son. Lovell Thompson (left) and Kathy Brown's son.

News stories usually aren't done about people just doing their job.

Typically, there aren't times when moms go onto Facebook to applaud someone for doing their job.

  But, this SC story was special and has already managed to get 220,000 likes, comments or shares on Facebook.

 It all began when Kathy Brown had a great experience with her son at the Coastal Carolina Fair near Charleston this weekend.

  So  much so that she took to social media to tell the world about the special fair worker who voluntarily invited her disabled 8-year old to the front of the line.

The fair worker also allowed him off the ride first and moved the ride so the boy was at the exit already.

 "I posted his picture. Didn't know his name, wanted to give him a shout out. He made our day. I don't see that very often anymore," Kathy Brown said.

Brown put her post on a Facebook wall and before long her shout-out was reverberating throughout all social media.

 In one day, her post got 20,000, 50,000, and then more than 140,000 likes and counting!!

 And thousands of people commenting their approval of the kind fair worker. By Wednesday, it received 666,118 likes, 57,931 shares and more than 26,579 comments.

  Eventually, a TV station tracked down the big man with a big heart: Lovell Thompson of Miami.  He remembered the incident but didn't make much of it.

 "That's how we're taught to be treated with kindness… if handicapped let them come in first. Just doing my job, makes me feel good. Everybody is everybody no matter that they're disabled, they're still human beings." Thompson said.

 So what do we learn from this? 

 It turns out that people really do like to hear -- good news -- from time to time.

 Here is the full post from Kathy Brown:

 I don't know this man's name, but he deserves a shout out on the news! This man was running the Music Express ride at the Coastal Carolina Fair this weekend and he deserves to be applauded for his compassion. He saw my family standing in line, my 8 year old son with special needs dancing beside me while I had his stroller near by, and motioned for me to come over to him. I did and he told me to bring "that boy" to the front of the line. I told him we had a group of 4 riding together, and he said "y'all come to the exit". We went up to the front of the ride, to the exit gate, and he let our group get on ahead of the crowd. This way my son didn't have to wait longer, and he didn't have to climb the stairs to enter the ride. When the ride was over, he told my nephew who was riding with my son, to stay seated until everyone else had exited the ride. He then "drove" my nephew and son around to the exit area so my son didn't have walk around the entire ride track. This one small gesture made our day so much brighter! You see, my son is one of only 800 people in the entire world with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, a rare chromosome deletion. this chromosome deletion causes mental retardation, low muscle tone, autism, sensory issues, etc. Thank you, Sir, for making my son's first time ever riding the "big" rides a success.

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