Business Owners, Consumers Think $100 Bill Looks Fake -

Business Owners, Consumers Think $100 Bill Looks Fake

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New $100 bills look fake consumers say New $100 bills look fake consumers say
GREENVILLE, S.C. - Businesses and consumers said the new $100 bill looks fake and is making them run to the bank to double check their cash.

The bill has a new look and went into circulation in October of 2013. The Secret Service tells 7 On Your Side that there was a mistake when the bill was printed months back.

The new bills have a blue hologram down the center that displays the number 100 when you turn it slightly and then the Liberty Bell when you turn it the opposite direction.

In the ink well on the bottom front, the Liberty Bell and the number 100 appears green and then changes to black when you move the bill.

Benjamin Franklin’s face appears on the water mark when you hold the bill up to the light.

There is also raised print over Franklin’s left shoulder and the number 100 on the back of the bill is larger.

The Secret Service said the blue hologram on the front is the easiest way to determine if the bill is legitimate and it also makes it impossible to duplicate.

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Whether it's a one hundred dollar bill or a ten dollar bill, officials said the bogus bill won't last in a cash register for long.

“One way or the other wherever the note is passed, however it's passed, it will make it's way to secret service and we'll look into it ,” said Michael Hand at the Secret Service.

If you think you’ve received a fake bill, the ink looks smudges or it feels like the texture has been altered contact law enforcement immediately. The Secret Service tells us passing fake money is a federal crime punishable by a fine and or up to 15 years of jail time.

Passing fake bills also means you or the business that received the cash is out the money.

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