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Need Weather? Think Locally…

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If you had a knee problem that might require surgery, would you go to a knee specialist or a heart specialist?  Both are very smart people who know their stuff.  Just one is more up on knees and the other on hearts.

If you need an update on LOCAL weather, would you go to a LOCAL or a national source?  Both have very smart people.  One concentrates on the big picture and perhaps a few select locations on any given day, while the other only focuses on what's happening minute-to-minute in their LOCAL area.

Logically, you should think LOCAL. 

Will our forecasts be perfect 100% of the time?  No…and no one anywhere can claim that.

But anyone who is based locally and watching the weather is going to have a leg up on details that someone who is based somewhere else either won't have…or won't have the time to digest.

I'm not in this just to toot our own horn.  If you have friends and family in Nashville, TN for example…they will typically get better weather information from their LOCAL meteorologists than from those based elsewhere.  Again, concentrating on only Nashville is what they do.  They're the LOCAL experts.

Now, the other meteorologists are not necessarily bad people or bad forecasters.  For the most part, they just don't have the time to focus on one area…they're dealing with general forecasts for many locations.  It's hard to concentrate on changes to Upstate weather if you're also updating information for people in New England while actually working in an office located yet somewhere else.

Another thing to watch out for: in this day of social media reports and instant updates, you may receive any number of updates from any number of people.  Thursday night, one such post from a national source was brought to my attention…containing somewhat misleading information concerning our local forecast and snow potential.  This leads to a lot of rumors about our weather that we try our best to fight off.  Rumors that were not initiated by LOCAL meteorologists.

We're not immune to falling into the social media trap either.  That's why I try not to chime in with weather forecast-related posts if I'm on vacation on the beaches of Iowa; while I can certainly make some general statements, you're better off hearing something from someone like Christy Henderson who is in town, LOCAL, and closely watching weather developments.

Now, I've got to see someone about that sore knee...

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