Lottery Scam Uses Local Business Name To Deceive -

Lottery Scam Uses Local Business Name To Deceive

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Lottery Check Scams Using Local Business Name Lottery Check Scams Using Local Business Name

A new warning about lottery sweepstakes ploys. Bogus scammers are posing as legitimate businesses and they're trying to get your money.

An Upstate company says they are a victim and they've learned things that could help you sniff out lottery scams.

Ann Bryant, the co-owner of A&R Heating and Air in Campobello says it's the time of year the phone rings off the hook, but unfortunately in the last three weeks a good chunk of those calls are scam victim.

"We've gotten probably 10 or 12 calls from all over the country, Massachusetts, Maine, South Carolina, Virginia, California. It's very scary," she said.

Bryant showed us copies of the checks and letters some victims sent her way. The checks enclosed have A&R's Campobello business name and address.

She says she doesn't know why her company was chosen, but thinks it may be because their name is among the first in the phone book.

Bryant filed a report with the Spartanburg Sheriff's Office and investigators told her the scammers make money off people who cash the check and send it back a fee before realizing the it's bogus.

At least one of the victims in this scam says the postmark was from Canada, another sign it's a scam, the department of Consumer Affairs says any lottery or sweepstakes from outside the US is illegal.

Another clue, the scammers are using a well known American company logo, Paramount Pictures to trick people.

"It seems to be they are preying on seniors, which just breaks my heart. And that's why my husband and I both, we really wanted to get this out there, we didn't know how else to do it," said Bryant.

Her message to anyone inclined to cash these checks, call the company listed on the front and you're bound to discover the truth.

Banks often catch these checks and put a hold on them to verify they are legitimate.

You should know, it's not the bank's responsibility. Some checks do slip through the cracks.

If they are cashed, you will see the funds in your account but then the money will be taken back out days later when the bank figures out it's not real.

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