Emily Henning

Emily Henning joined WSPA in June of 2015 as the Carolina Morning traffic reporter.

Emily comes to WSPA from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she co-hosted a TV show for SFBN on the Comcast Network covering local sports.

She also reported on the sideline for West Chester University Football and Basketball. Beginning her television career on-air at QVC Studios, Emily has always had a passion for news and broadcasting. She credits her internship with Voice of the Philadelphia Eagles Merrill Reese as one of the most impactful experiences on her career. (Go Eagles!)

Emily has been loving the south and is thrilled to call the upstate her new home! She is especially enjoying the warmer weather, friendly people and southern barbecue. An early morning newscast is a tough schedule, but it’s not all work and no play! Emily enjoys traveling and was lucky enough to tour Europe after taking German for seven years. She loves spending time with her friends, being active and catching up on her favorite sports teams.

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