(Our Auto Expert) — This is a special sneak peek at the Mercedes AMG EQE SUV, the very first AMG SUV all-electric version that Mercedes has ever made.

This vehicle has 677 horsepower, can do zero to sixty miles an hour in 3.3 seconds, and has so much monumental equipment inside, it’s jaw-dropping. The design, the performance, and how this vehicle is kitted out are going to be a big step forward that will arrive in the United States as the primary market in the summer of 2023. 

Two versions of the EQE SUV are available. There will be the AMG and the regular version. AMG is easily recognized by the slats in the grill. But there’s a bigger brother to this EQE SUV, and that’s the EQS. The EQS and the EQE are hard to tell apart. However, you can easily do that when you look at the front because the EQE has two diamonds above the headlights, and the EQS has three diamonds above the headlines. 

They made this look sleek and fast because of something they did at the back. It used to be that steps on the side of the vehicle were a hindrance to aerodynamics, but not in this case. Mercedes designed these steps into the vehicle as part of the under-body aerodynamic system. 

This helps you get in and cuts down on the drag coefficient. Also, a small lip on the rear tail light cuts down the drag coefficient as well. They’ve made it look like a coupe, but the true roofline resembles an SUV.

A lot to see on the inside of the new EQE SUV. One of the highlights is the beautiful hyper screen which stretches from pillar to pillar, we first saw that on the EQS.

Also included for the first time is Dolby, Atmos. That is part of the 15-speaker sound system. You’ll notice with your Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music that tunes are now coming with Dolby Atmos music. That means you can pump those tunes right into this sound system and take advantage of some of the best music that you have ever heard.

We will learn more about the EQE when it arrives next year, with innovative battery management software developed in-house by Mercedes. We know that the 2024 AMG EQE SUV will have two powerful AMG-specific electric motors with up to six hundred and seventy-seven horsepower total output. 

AMG Performance 4matic plus fully variable all-wheel drive rear-axle steering. AMG ride control air suspension with adaptive damping system and AMG Active Ride Control. AMG is giving a new voice to Electric Mobility as a soundtrack for inside and out that emotionally enhances the dynamic Driving Experience. 

You’ll be able to hear when you accelerate from both sides of the glass.