Private Fusion Leader ExoFusion Executives to Speak at Industry Events

SEATTLE, WA and AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2023 / Executives of ExoFusion, a leading company in the Commercially Viable Fusion (CVF) space have been invited to speak at a variety of scientific and technical events. As private fusion companies make their mark in the energy, technology, and science arenas, ExoFusion' s innovative patents, simulations and designs are gaining wide currency in a fast-growing market.

First in line is Informa's AI Summit in New York City, where the focus is AI's commercial applications. ExoFusion CEO Romi Mahajan will lead a panel on verticalized AI and will host Microsoft executives for a fireside chat around AI and the company's role as a platform giant. Informa Vice-President of Applied Intelligence Jenalea Howell said," Informa is thrilled to have Romi Mahajan from ExoFusion lead a panel and a fireside chat on verticalized AI and challenge the audience with real application advice to develop a clear path to m our AI New York Summit, capping off a great year of discussions on the most important tech development of 2023."

ExoFusion's Chief Scientific Advisor and leading Plasma Physicist Dr. Swadesh Mahajan will be speaking at the Fusion Power Associates Annual meeting in Washington DC. The talk will cover the set of inventions ExoFusion has brought to market - to increase plasma confinement. In the words of FPA President Dr. Steve Dean, "Fusion Power Associates is happy to welcome Dr. Swadesh Mahajan as a speaker at our annual meeting. His innovative fusion company- ExoFusion- is a leader in the quest for Commercially Viable Fusion."

ExoFusion's team has also been invited to speak at a panel on enabling technologies for Fusion at FusionXInvest 2024. The focus here will be on the company's patented Super XT Divertor and breakthroughs in liquid metals for Plasma-Facing Components invented by ExoFusion Co-Founders Dr. Michael Kotschenreuther, Dr. David Hatch, and Dr. Swadesh Mahajan.

With over $6 billion being invested over the past few years, the market for CVF is booming as is the "Fusion Supply Chain."


ExoFusion accelerates the path to Commercially Viable Fusion. With the latest science and proprietary innovation in confinement, ExoFusion's design, and simulations backed by IP, significantly reduces the cost, time, and scale to achieve CVF. Led by world-renowned physicists, technology commercializers, marketers and finance experts, ExoFusion is making significant breakthroughs in the goal to realize CVF.


Romi Mahajan

SOURCE: ExoFusion

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