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Taiwanese Tea Brand Dayēh Focuses on "Companionship" as Its Core Branding, Launching 4 Flavored Tea Bags to Target the U.S. Market

TAIPEI, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In recent years, the trend of pursuing a diverse and multifaceted life has risen, with many individuals venturing into cross-industry entrepreneurship. However, achieving success in different fields requires extraordinary effort. Chiu Weihua (Mr. Cool A), a cross-disciplinary entrepreneur with achievements in construction engineering, dance education, and now the tea industry, has launched the Taiwanese tea brand Dayēh. With "companionship" as its core philosophy, the brand aims to promote tea culture while making a strategic entry into the U.S. market.

Chiu Weihua, the founder of Dayēh, has successfully merged seemingly unrelated fields of architecture, dance, and tea into a unique brand. His English name, "Mr. Cool A," not only serves as the brand name but also reflects an amusing naming story from the early days of his entrepreneurship. Holding degrees in both architecture and physical education, this entrepreneur started his journey in dance education. Through dance teaching and a commitment to helping others, his belief, "lay the foundation in dance and find dreams in students' smiles," led him to not only serve as a choreographer for stars like Jolin Tsai but also to design exclusive dance courses for children in remote areas and individuals with disabilities, showcasing his contribution to society.

The core value of the Dayēh brand lies in the "power of companionship," extending from Chiu Weihua's dance education to his tea brand. In the "Gwen Cool A" series launched as an extension of his personal brand, the premium Tie Guan Yin tea from Taiwan is specifically named "Gwen Cool A," aiming to elevate this tea to the international stage. This also demonstrates his ambition to promote Taiwanese tea culture globally through his influence.

Dayēh's tea products include four flavors: "Mucha Tie Guan Yin," "Imperial Concubine Lychee Black Tea," "White Peach Oolong Tea," and "Royal Earl Grey Tea." The "Mucha Tie Guan Yin" highlights the premium Tie Guan Yin from the first soil and water conservation tea plantation in Taiwan, preserving traditional flavors while emphasizing ecological sustainability. The "Imperial Concubine Lychee Black Tea" combines Taiwan Red Rhythm Black Tea and Assam Black Tea with the rich aroma of lychee, creating a uniquely refreshing tea. Additionally, the "White Peach Oolong Tea" uses high-altitude Sihlinxi High Mountain Tea as its base, complemented by the crisp white peach flavor achieved through special tea roasting techniques, resulting in a rich and sweet aroma. Finally, the "Royal Earl Grey Tea" blends Ceylon black tea with English breakfast tea, smoked with bergamot, emitting an elegant fragrance favored by the British royal family.

Dayēh's products adhere to three principles in the tea-making process: "eternal life, environmental protection, and sustainability," allowing tea culture to originate from Taiwan and establish its presence on the international stage. This commitment earned the brand the 2023 ITCE International Tea and Coffee Evaluation Platinum Award. The product packaging is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and meets safety and hygiene standards, offering convenience for on-the-go consumption. Each tea product is individually packaged and comes with relevant inspection reports to ensure quality and safety.

Chiu Weihua expressed confidence in this new brand, seeing tea culture as a symbol of a lifestyle attitude. He hopes Dayēh is not just a tea brand but also a way of accompanying people in their lives. Through the promotion of tea culture, he aims to convey the "power of companionship," helping people find solace in their lives. At the same time, Dayēh looks toward the U.S. market, aspiring to establish a strong presence in the local tea beverage market and become a trusted tea brand among consumers.

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