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EMS Sector Moving Towards Sustainability Targets by Implementing Stealth Power Technology

EMS First Responders

EMS First Responders

FDNY Ambulance at NYC Fleet Show

FDNY Ambulance at NYC Fleet Show

Mobile power technology company provides in-demand solutions to aid EMS customers in meeting their sustainability goals while reducing operational costs.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, US, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Stealth Power, a leader in electric mobile power solutions, is expanding its reach throughout the emergency services industry with the Vehicle Power System (VPS), a clean tech solution that reduces idling and pollution. This leading-edge product is capable of automatically turning the vehicle’s engine off while keeping all vital electrical components powered, thereby reducing idling times, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance.

Emergency response vehicles can idle 24 hours for every one hour of drive time. This results in wasted fuel, excess carbon emissions, wear on the engine, low air quality near emergency departments and noisy working conditions. In response to the expense and pollution associated with excess idling, EMS departments across the nation are turning to clean solutions such as the VPS idle reduction technology offered by Stealth Power.

As emergency response teams respond to critical situations, the VPS offers the reliable power required to save lives while minimizing environmental impact and providing significant cost savings. According to a case study conducted by Argonne National Laboratory in 2017, battery-based vehicle power systems saved EMS departments at least $5,100 annually in fuel costs and reduced oil changes by a minimum of 50 percent. This translated to a return on investment in 1.1 to 1.3 years. In 2023, increased gas prices further improved those numbers, encouraging more fleet and sustainability managers to implement the solution.

“Due to the high volume of requests for emergency medical services in New York City, 1.8 million per year, our ambulances sit and idle at various locations across the city to reduce response times,” stated Mark Aronberg, retired Assistant Fire Commissioner for the Fire Department of New York. “FDNY has worked with Stealth Power for almost ten years, achieving idle reduction at rates as high as 60 percent resulting in significant savings in fuel usage, greenhouse gas emissions and wear and tear on the drive train.”

Stealth Power’s VPS is being successfully utilized in ambulances from coast to coast, resulting in millions of dollars in savings on fuel, maintenance, and operational costs annually. A few of Stealth Power’s new customers include Duke Health, Mayo Clinic, University of Colorado Health, Wake County EMS, District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Services Department, and the addition of solar for the Fire Department of New York. The positive environmental impact of these systems has aided EMS departments in meeting their climate goals and sustainability initiatives, while protecting their local communities.

Stealth Power anticipates that the VPS will continue to serve as a model for environmental responsibility within the sector as demand for similar solutions continues to grow. To learn more about Stealth Power’s products and technology, please visit www.stealth-power.com

About Stealth Power  

Stealth Power designs and builds sustainable and versatile electric power systems that propel our customers toward a zero-emission future. These smart technological solutions for advanced fleet and off-grid operations ensure reliable, continuous power for no-fail equipment and missions. Manufactured in the USA and EPA SmartWay certified, Stealth Power systems are trusted by organizations across both government and private sectors, including the FAA, FDNY and U.S. CBP. The systems are designed for fuel-powered and electric vehicles, which expand electrical capabilities with the propulsion system turned off. Stealth Power’s standalone mobile power systems provide sustainable, dependable energy whenever and wherever needed. From powering life-saving equipment on an ambulance to surveillance towers on the border, our mission remains the same – to foster the transition from fossil fuel-based systems to clean, reliable power. Visit our website to learn more at www.stealth-power.com.

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