GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – “Well hi there, Jack Roper here in Gaffney at the Peach Center Ministries building, and inside, a volunteer, a young man, 22-years-old, he’s getting the award for the month of April, Mr. Jonathan Frerkin,” Caring for the Carolinas Host Jack Roper.

“He volunteers twice a week here at Peach Center Ministries to bring food, clothing and much needed items to those in need in our community. Jonathan is autistic, so he naturally likes keeping things in order, so whenever you see him here, he’ll always put everything in order the right way in the right spot,” David Frerkin, recipient’s father, said.

“Jonathan is such a delightful young man to be with. He works so hard at packing up the food and getting things ready. But let a train come, and we see him come running to see the train,” Peach Center Ministries Executive Director Melissa Green said.

“it is courtesy of our friends at Bath Fitter, Unclaimed Furniture and Ingles, we want to award our Caring for the Carolinas Community Service Hero award to this young gentleman, Jonathan Frerkin. Give me a handshake big guy! And I hear applause, can you hear the applause? Give a listen, you hear it? That’s for you, buddy,” Roper said.

“Oh yeah, I heard it!” Jonathan Frerkin said.