“Well hi, Jack Roper here in Greenville at Century BMW. Our December Caring for the Carolinas award goes to a nice lady named Kathy Sheppard,” Your Carolina Host Jack Roper said.

“We started Operation Santa SC, my husband and I. He was a principal in Greenville County and in Spartanburg. And we started it in 2000. Today, we have 870 kids that we are giving basic necessities to,” Sheppard said.

“Kathy just has such a giving, kind spirit to organize all of this. And it’s really an all-year-long project for her, it’s not just the holiday season,” Leigh Ann Parrick said.

“These are children that… some of them are homeless, they sleep in four different places during the week. We make sure these kids have underwear and socks and winter pajamas and a fleecy little thing, and we make sure they’re going to get tennis shoes. And then we throw in a few toys, but we are not about toys. We are about the basic necessities,” Sheppard said.

“Community and where we do business is very important to us at Century BMW. And Kathy emulates what charity is,” Century BMW General Manager Chad Domonoske said.

“We have awarded you, courtesy of our sponsors, and I’ll mention those folks, Ingles, Bath Fitter Unclaimed Furniture and Hardee’s, we’re giving you our December Caring for the Carolinas award.”