SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – “Well hi! Jack Roper here, and we are at Help for the Elderly. The lady in charge with a lot of volunteers, Donna Smiley is our award winner for the month of December. Let’s go and meet her,” Jack Roper, Caring for the Carolinas host, said.

“My husband has worked in the senior care industry for decades. I’ve made it my mission to try and find incontinence supplies. And it didn’t take me but just a little while to realize that incontinence supplies wasn’t nearly enough of what they needed. Over-the-counter medicine, personal hygiene products, something as simple as a roll of aluminum foil, these people just can’t afford to buy it because they’re on social security,” Smiley said. “What we’re here for is to just help ease that burden, get the items they need free every month. That includes their incontinence supplies, any medical equipment, we do wheelchairs, walkers… and then they go back into the room to shop, and they weep with relief.”

Lisa Kirby, a registered nurse, said, “There will be times when I can’t get certain medical equipment, because the insurance won’t cover it for the patient. And I can call Donna and she says “Yes, I’ve got it, come and get it.” She has got the heart of an angel.”

“She is a caring, kind-hearted person. Her devotion to helping the elderly, disabled and other needs, people that need other resources, and I admire her for doing it,” office manager Alnisa Gist said.

“I want to mention our sponsors who make it possible; Bath Fitter, Unclaimed Furniture, Ingles and of course now Hamrick’s,” Roper said. “Donna Smiley, right here with Help for the Elderly, our winner for December!”