SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – “Well hi, Jack Roper here. We’re in Una in Spartanburg County, at the Kingdom New Life Church, and we’re going to go inside the sanctuary to give our January award to a very nice lady, Dr. Candace Brewer,” Caring for the Carolinas Host Jack Roper said.

“She’s the founder of P.O.S.T.,” Kingdom New Life Church Bishop Cathaye Jones said. “P.O.S.T. is ‘Protecting Our Stolen Treasures.'”

“When she hears that someone … has lost a loved one to senseless homicide. She is one that will come and provide that support in action. She is one that has a heart and passion for others,” P.O.S.T. Chaplain Terrell Jones said.

“She’s very inspiring to me, not only to me but the community of Spartanburg and throughout,” P.O.S.T. Community Activist Chance Lebron said.

“We advocate throughout the world against gun violence, for police accountability and against senseless violence. And that includes domestic violence. I started my organization over 5 years ago because I’ve lost 12 family members to gun violence and one to police violence. So this is why we decided that we needed to form P.O.S.T. in the state of South Carolina,” Dr. Candace Brewer said.

“She’s one of these ones that stand and give support to the family, gives the support to even law enforcement for doing their work. The governor knows her by name,” Jones said.

“We feed the homeless, we house the domestic violence survivors, and we’re just there for the community on a day to day basis. We never take a break,” Brewer said.

“And we thank Bath Fitter, Unclaimed Furniture, Ingles and Hardees. So for the month of January, our award winner, our hero of the community is DR. Candace Brewer. Let’s give her a nice hand,” Roper said.

For more information about P.O.S.T. or to donate, click here.