SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – “Well hi, Jack Roper here. We’re in Spartanburg at Word of Change Ministries, and for the month of July, we salute a gentleman by the name of Everette McKennedy. We know him as Chico,” Caring for the Carolinas Host Jack Roper said.

“I’ve been knowing Chico since elementary school, and he’s had a desire, as long as I’ve known him, to work with kids. And he formed this organization in 2018, From Boys to Men,” Kevin Gist, the From Boys to Men outreach coordinator, said.

“At least 2 or 3 days out of the week, many times spending his own money. He’s sacrificed a lot for these kids. They know that they can call Chico, he’s taken some to basketball practice, football practice…” Word of Change Ministry Senior Pastor Dr. Walter R. Belton said.

“We take whatever funds to try to take the kids out, let them see more than what they see in the neighborhoods that they’re from,” Gist said.

“It warms my heart, that’s what keeps me going. A lot of times it can get frustrating, but to see the success of the kids once they come back and let you know how you’ve made a difference in their life, that really does warm my heart,” Award recipient Rev. Everette “Chico” McKennedy said.

“He has a heart for what he does, and I’m just excited to see what God is doing in his life, and doing in the lives of these young men that he’s working with,” Dr. Belton said.

“Courtesy of our Caring for the Carolinas partners: Bath Fitter, Unclaimed Furniture, Ingles and now Hamrick’s, you are our July winner for our Caring for the Carolinas Community Service Hero Award for the whole month,” Roper said.