TRYON, N.C. (WSPA) – “Well hi, Jack Roper here, right here between Tryon and Columbus in the town of Lynn [at] the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We’re giving away our Caring for the Carolinas May award to Lorna Dever,” Caring for the Carolinas Host Jack Roper said.

“There’s so much poverty here in Polk County, NC. And when Lorna approached me with this idea, I just jumped right into it,” volunteer Roy Miller said.

“It’s gone from probably 100 household to over 600 households. We’re serving in the vicinity of 1200 people every month now,” Wanangwa Hartwell, Dever’s daughter, said.

“She is constantly working on grants to receive more money, which she gives out to the community. We do deliveries, [and] every 2 weeks we get a shipment,” volunteer Diane Arnett said.

“But the number one thing in this ministry is my love for God and sharing God with other people in the community. Also helping stamp out hunger, and I have an awesome group of volunteers that have helped me through the years,” Lorna Dever, award recipient, said.

“We just really want to impact people’s lies for eternity. We want them to feel like they have a safe place to go with plenty of food to eat,” Hartwell said.

“I think she gets up every morning and says ‘Lord, what do you want me to do today?’ Because if she’s living, she’s giving,” volunteer Maureen Smith said.

“Courtesy of our sponsors, of course, Bath Fitter, Ingles and Unclaimed Furniture. This is our award winner for the month of May: Lorna Dever!” Roper said.