“Apple country, that’s where we are, Hendersonville, North Carolina. And we’re getting ready to go inside Apple Country Woodcrafters and give away our award for October, our Community Service Hero Award to a lady named Margi,” Your Carolina Host Jack Roper said.

“Margi is our President. Apple Country Woodcrafters actually produces 2500 -plus hand-made toys that are distributed at a Christmas party in early December,” Apple Country Wood Crafters Membership Director Diane Adler-Wail said.

“They’re all given away to social service agencies and other charities which will distribute them to children at the end of the year, at the holiday season,” Apple Country Woodcrafters Toy Chair Wendell Holland said.

“I always like to imagine the children who are going to play with the toys that we are making, because that’s really what it’s all about,” Margi Jenks, award recipient, said.

“She’s very interested in everybody and what everybody is doing and takes a personal interest in every facet of the operation in our club,” Holland said.

“Margi inspires me to go above and beyond and do more than what I actually would do otherwise. And she also would give the shirt off her back to help people and accommodate people,” Adler-Wail said.

“And of course we give away our award courtesy of our friends at Bath Fitter, Ingles, Unclaimed Furniture and Hardees. Margi Jenks is with us! Margi, we’ve brought you our thanks, and also an award. So let’s give Margi a nice hand! Guys? Congratulations!” Roper said.