ENOREE, S.C. (WSPA) – “Well hi, Jack Roper here in Enoree. Our October Caring for the Carolina’s Community Service Hero award goes to the people that have started this Feeding by Faith Ministry, Daniel and Amber Watts,” Jack Roper, Carolina for the Carolinas host, said.

Roger Gault, a former minister of the Church of God, said the reason he nominated this couple was he saw “…the love in their heart, that they wanted to help people.”

Amber Watts, award co-recipient, said, ” The reason we [Daniel Watts, award co-recipient] started this is because there was a need for people to have food in the area but there was really no way for people without cars to get to Woodruff to the things that are available to the people in Woodruff.”

Daniel said, “Word got out, other churches got in with us and started sending stuff, and for ten years every month on the 3rd Saturday, without fail, these people have got food because of the work she started, and the willingness and compassion from these other people.”

“Every time you turn around, they’re always trying to do something for somebody else,” Gault said.

“They give, just unconditionally. She’s my daughter, but it’s very humbling that she knows all of their names, you know,” Reverend Sheryl Childers, the recipient’s mom, said. “I know them and I know about them, but when they walk through the door, she knows their name.”

Roper said, “Of course, we thank our sponsors, Bath Fitter, Unclaimed Furniture, our friends at Ingles, and also Hamrick’s. We present it to our nice friends here, Amber and Daniel Watts. We thank you for all the work you do in this community.”