ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – “Jack Roper here in Anderson. We’re here to award our Caring for the Carolinas award for the month of October,” Jack Roper, Carolina for the Carolinas host, said.

Ronnie Roper, award co-recipient, said, “Well, this ramp was put in place for Turk’s wife – she’s having some mobility problems – and he came and asked us about getting a ramp put in for them for her.”

“Trochanteric greater pain syndrome robbed me of my ability to walk without assistance,” a veteran’s spouse, Judy Culberson, said.

Turk Culberson, a veteran, said, “Breaks my heart to see her in this shape. But those guys volunteered.”

“I do the design work, we do the materials, I prefab them in my house and we bring them out, and within a day or two we got this thing installed and they’re off and running” Jon Mooar, award co-recipent, explained.

“We’ve done probably close to 20 of these,” according to Ronnie. “We specialize in helping veterans, that’s what the name’s about – Vets Helping Vets.”

Turk said, “Let me tell you, this is a brotherhood you’ll never get out of once you serve in the military.”

“It’s just something that makes you feel like you’re giving back for the blessings that we have being Americans. Being veterans on top of that makes you feel a pride in being American,” Ronnie said.

“It has given me my freedom back,” Judy said.

“We’ve got Jon Mooar with us, and Ronnie Roper. Of course our sponsors make it all possible; Ingles, Bath Fitter, Unclaimed Furniture and Hamrick’s, of course,” Roper said. “Let’s give ‘em a nice hand. These two guys get the award, this day for the month of October!”