CALHOUN FALLS, S.C. (WSPA) – “Hey, Jack Roper here. We are in Calhoun Falls with our Community Service Hero Ethan Cornick,” Jack Roper, Caring for the Carolinas host, said.

Cornick said his classmates said they did not get enough food at home, so he decided to act.

“It was 100% his idea,” Lasean Tutt, Cornick’s mother, said.  “He [Cornick] said they will come here and we would give them food.”

Stephen Pettigrew, a business owner said, “Even in a small place like this, we need somebody local to help us out. Trying to provide people in the community with basic needs so that they can continue to live in the community and our community to grow.”

Family-friend, Stacy Jennings-Senghor said since she met Cornick, he was so smart. “I knew right then and there that he had something special inside of him.”

“He’s [Cornick] always been helping his parents give back to the community,” community advocate Elizabeth McLendon said.

Tutt said, “we just have a big heart to help those who can’t help themselves, or find themselves in a position where they have to choose.”

McLendon said, “with so many things going wrong in this world and so many challenges, I can’t tell you how much it lifts my spirit.”

“It makes me feel pretty great,” Cornick said. “Makes me feel like I’m helping somebody, not actually hurting them.”

“He loves genuinely, and he gives genuinely,” Tutt said.

“If there were more people like Ethan Cornick in this world, especially young people, the coming years are going to be wonderful,” McLendon said.

“Courtesy of our Caring for the Carolinas partners: Bath Fitter, Unclaimed Furniture, Ingles and Hamrick’s, you, Ethan Cornick, are the September winner for our Caring for the Carolinas Community Service Hero Award for the whole month,” Roper said.