(WSPA) – Michael Robinson is a co-founder of 13 Stripes Brewery.

Catching the brewing bug while stationed in California with the Navy, he found his way to this unique location in the old Taylors Mill on Mill Street. 

”We came out here, we really liked the vibe, the aesthetic that was out here…the community that the owners have kind of built with all the artists and local makers that were out here building stuff.” 

The brewery is named after the American Flag: the 13 Stripes representing the original colonies. 

”I’ve always been in love with that kind of era and the stories from the Revolutionary War time, so I wanted to capture some unknown stories, folklore. We wanted every beer to have its own story.” 

Ten to 18 are typically on tap.

Their top sellers are Not My King, a Pils-style lager and Freeborn, a hazy New England IPA. 

Over a year, they have about three dozen beers to seasonally rotate through. 

”Our Oktoberfest lager, that one’s always a big hit. Freedom Juice is a Double IPA that we brew with New Groove out of Boiling Springs, and that’s something we release for the fourth of July every year.” 

For St. Patrick’s Day, the re-release of some old favorites comes with a special party.

“We’ve got Drop O’ The Pure, it’s an Irish pub rock band playing. We’re releasing the Jeremiah O’Brien Irish Dry Stout on nitro, and then Dunkirk Pirate is an Irish Red Ale we’re releasing for that occasion as well.” 

Expect special food, too, served up by the chef from the 13 Stripes River Lodge located on the Saluda River in Easley. 

13 Stripes is celebrating its 6th year in May. 

In that time, they’ve been involved in lending a hand to multiple organizations. 

”We try to do local markets with other local businesses and try to open up our doors to allow them to come in and kinda showcase the things that they’re doing.” 

They also work with charities on a quarterly basis, which leads to some special beers. 

”We’ll do a special beer for Memorial Day and Veterans Day…we’ve worked with the Semper Fi Fund for a couple of years. Upstate Warrior Solution, which is local, we’ve worked with them contributing a portion of the proceeds back to them.” 

They’ve also brewed special beers for Ales for ALS, the Greenville Zoo Foundation and Heartsupport, an organization that helps those suffering from depression and anxiety. 

Being one with the community around them. 

”Just meeting people out at events and getting to hear people, that people have enjoyed our beer and enjoyed the space, that always makes it feel just really good.” 

Enjoy responsibly.