PELZER, S.C. (WSPA) – City Scape Winery, located on Dunklin Bridge Road in Pelzer, is celebrating one year in its new building, while also celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Josh and Debra Jones are the owners. Debra said their ownership was not initially a part of their career plans.

”We were bored one day and so we’re like let’s go make some wine. It was just a random thing, and we did what every good millennial does…we looked at YouTube. And we found that we needed to get some supplies, so we found this place in the middle of nowhere…it was called City Scape winery.”

”In 2015 those previous owners approached us about buying the winery and we initially said absolutely not. After a lot of prayers, we felt like we were supposed to do it.” 

The original tasting room was a small cottage; now it’s a one-year-old indoor and outdoor space.  They also have new equipment, Josh said.

”The tanks are 16 and a half feet tall, each tank is going to hold roughly about 6,000 bottles of wine.” 

These are primarily for the white varieties. Reds and other barrel-aged projects sit in the barrel room until they’re ready. 

”Our new bottling line here was custom-made in Italy for us. This machine will do roughly 2,500 bottles per hour.” 

Bottles are sold at the winery and in stores and restaurants from the Upstate to the coast. 

They make 22 varieties using grapes from their own vines and grapes grown at other vineyards. 

They carry basics like Pino Grigio and Cabernet as well as more creative offerings, such as a pineapple Riesling and a blackberry merlot.

They recently opened a kitchen that is also whipping up chocolate for this weekend’s Valentine’s chocolate and wine pairing. Debra said this is the 6th year for this event.

”This is one of our biggest events and it is reservation only so I highly recommend if there are any tickets left, please please, please make your reservation today.” 

If you can’t secure reservations, don’t worry, everyone has access to wine, food trucks and live music over the weekend. 

City Scape also hosts community events. Debra’s passion for helping women in local businesses spurred one of those events along.

”We created an event called Girls Night Out that has different vendors, and we have a different theme every single month, that showcases different vendors in our community.” 

City Scape is involved in various sustainability projects.

They sanitize and reuse empty bottles of City Scape wine and just bring them back and receive $1 credit per bottle. 

The winery mascot, Pinot the Pig, does his fair share, helping provide fertilizer for the vines.

He’ll be busy; more vines will be planted this year. 

Keeping up with an increase in customers. Something Debra loves.

”I think the most rewarding part is getting to be a part of so many people’s experiences. 

”And what I love about City Scape is that City Scape is a place where people can truly come in, sit down, and feel they can be themselves.” 

Enjoy responsibly.