ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WSPA) – Green Man Brewing is the second-oldest brewery in Asheville. The brewery recently hosted its 25th anniversary celebration in March at a growing complex on Buxton Avenue.

Opened in 1997, it’s a place of character.

“I think it’s haunted in here,” owner Dennis Thies said.

He was talking about Dirty Jack’s, Green Man’s original taproom. He and his wife, Wendy, took over the brewery in 2010.

“I was kind of just checking out the vibe of the place, and it really needed something… Some kind of direction or character or starting point,” Thies explained. “And it popped into my head, and he’s been there ever since that day: Yoda.” 

That’s one green man. But what is THE green man? 

“Broadly speaking he is the protector of the animals; he’s the man of the woods. Almost a deity without getting too religious. Or a demon, depending on your outlook,” Thies said.

Character isn’t the only thing that makes Green Man special.

“One of the things that separates us from the pack, I believe, is our malted barley that we use. It’s an imported barley from England called Simpsons Golden Promise. It’s amazing, impeccable quality that many brewers just choose not to use because of the expense and the shipping costs,” he explained. 

The brewing facility is right in the middle of what’s a growing Green Man complex. On one side, you’ve got the original brewpub Dirty Jack’s. And on the other is the new brewpub, which was built in 2016. Just down the street is the building that will house the new restaurant, which is going to start serving to-go food in May.

Beer is their business, though.

The Green Man Porter won a gold medal at last year’s Great American Beer Festival. In addition, Green Man has 17 other varieties on tap and 10 in cans. Also a limited release Snozzberry, and a brand new Pilsner with a connection.

“In April, we are launching a major sponsorship with Asheville City Soccer Club. We’re launching our South Slope Pilsner cans, which will be featured here and at the games.” 

Green Man has sponsored numerous events over the years. The 25th anniversary celebration benefited the WNC Bridge Foundation, an organization that focuses on expanding healthcare access and equity. 

“Breweries are part of the community, whether you’re the second oldest like us or you just opened last year. You’ve got to be part of your community, or it doesn’t work,” Thies said. 

Green Man has certainly worked at being a part of Asheville life.

Enjoy responsibly.