HENDERSONVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – On 8th Avenue East in Hendersonville, you’ll find Guidon Brewing Company. It’s a combination of influences from the backgrounds of co-owners Mike and Connie Baer. Mike is an Army Veteran, and he met Connie while stationed in Germany. 

From tap handles that are replicas of armaments to the Jeep parked outside, one can see the Army influence.

Mike Baer said it was his military background that gave the brewery its name.

“The name Guidon comes from a type of military flag that represents the unit and the unit commander…and every unit in the Army has a Guidon,” he explained. 

Guidon Brewing Co. also offers a taste of Germany, and Mike Baer said they work hard to keep that authentic.

“Our authentic German pilsner…100% German ingredients. All of our beers are made with traditional ingredients from the country of origin,” he explained. 

The German beers include their Schwarzbier, Kolsch, and Hefeweizen, but they have other brews too. Guidon will have 15 to 16 beers on hand at any one time, with special releases at other times of year.

“I’ve always been a more traditional brewer as a home brewer as a beer drinker,” he said. “I’ve never really got bit by the IPA bug. I was personally not a fan of sours. We’re actually different amongst the beer scene by being normal, by having traditional beers, because so few breweries are doing that.” 

The company also about to expand their brewing capacity. 

“It will allow us to brew our German beers extremely traditional, the exact way they do it in Germany, which very few American breweries will bother doing,” he said. 

With a recently opened event space, Guidon now has more space for the events and fundraisers they hold for several groups and organizations, including the V.F.W., Sheepdog, and the women’s and children’s Safelight shelter in Hendersonville.

Starting at 6 p.m. on January 14, Guidon will hold a fundraiser for Hendersonville’s Veterans Healing Farm, which is an organization focused on improving veterans emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Guidon will be donating a dollar for every pint sold. 

Mike Baer said it is the community involvement that brings it all back home for this family. 

“Our background is in the military. We would move every couple of years. We were never part of a community, part of a town. It was very important to us to have a town with a Main Street and a courthouse and a downtown,” he said. 

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Enjoy responsibly.