GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – On Limestone Street in Gaffney, there is a spot many residents have been looking forward to having in their community. 

Brittany Bivins and Aaron Burton co-own Peach City Brewery.

“We wanted was to create something in this community where you didn’t have to go to Spartanburg, you didn’t have to go to Charlotte to have that brewery experience, to be able to just have it in your hometown,” Bivins said. 

It’s Gaffney’s only brewery, and their grand opening was on May 21. Working with the city’s business incubator, they landed in a former jewelry store next to Capri Theatre. 

“We started a campaign through Mainvest, which is an online platform for crowdfunding. We ended up raising about $34,000 through that in order to help us with our buildout,” she explained. “We built the bar, we built the walls, we built pretty much everything in here by ourselves [and] with help from family and friends. And then we started brewing.” 

They also created a beer garden. Future plans include a music stage and a large outdoor screen for football season. 

When you think Peach City Brewery, you’re probably going to think about peach beer. Well, they have that, but their specialty is actually something else, according to Bivins.

“Our seltzers are definitely our bestsellers. Our most popular one is probably the Blue Tick Hound, which mimics the flavor of a Blue Hawaiian, and is bright blue in color. People have loved it.” 

Beer-lovers, don’t worry. The beer options range from ale to stout, with a couple of sours in the middle. 

They’ve started small but will expand capacity and add new options such as Peachoid: a higher-gravity beer, which will be released in time for the Gaffney Peach Festival. Peach City is one of the sponsors of the festival this year. 

Their community involvement does not end there. 

“We do have a partnership with Judd’s Legacy which is a local 5K. They raise awareness and money for ICP. It has to do with pregnancy and issues with bile building up in the liver that can create postpartum hemorrhaging, it can cause stillbirth and it can cause other problems in pregnancy,” she explained.

Also, “On Wednesdays, we do our first responder night. So for fire, police, and medics, whether it’s here or to go, all pizza is $5 off. It’s our way of supporting those who support us in our community,” Bivins said. 

The brewery is new to the community but already a solid part of it. 

Enjoy Responsibly.