EASLEY, S.C. (WSPA) – The seed was planted just a few years ago: to turn an abandoned Easley property into a destination. 

What was once an abandoned grain facility on Folger Avenue is now home to multiple businesses, including Silos Brewing Company.

“Well, there’s these really cool old silos [in] downtown Easley that we think would be great for it,” Silo’s Head Brewer Kenny Driggers explained. But after taking a look inside, he was a little concerned at first.

“Walking through the amount of soot and dirt and stuff that was in here just from being unused for so many years. My first reaction was ‘I don’t think it’s gonna work,’” he said.

It did work. Silos Brewing Co. opened this past October. 

The facility is sort of a large recycling project, repurposing pieces of the building and even railroad cars.

Driggers explained that some of the rearranging is useful.

“Some people were nice enough to cut this out and have us a custom door made for the silo where we store all of our grain,” Driggers explained, while showing the custom door. “So it’s kind of come full circle. It used to be a grain silo and then now it kind of is a grain silo again.” 

And some of it is just part of the décor.

“When the inspector came by [and saw] all of the electrical stuff behind the bar, he got very worried and he was like ‘You’ve got open boxes over there.’ It’s like none of it’s hooked up. I promise you. None of it’s connected to anything,” Driggers said.  

The recycling vibe carries over to their beer. Spent grain is sent to a local farmer for cattle feed. 

Since they opened, they’ve made 25 different beers, 14 of which are available at once. Variety is a priority, with multiple styles available. For some of those options, they get a little help from those close by.

“Something that separates us from anywhere else is that we do collaborate with our neighbors,” Driggers said. “It kind of provides a different aspect that no one else has. … We can get different ingredients.”

Silos also works with other businesses in giving to the community. A recent project was a scavenger hunt, which supported the Pickens County Humane Society

Partnering with their neighbors to create a scene that is Easley’s own. 

“Seeing people’s reaction when they come in. They’ve passed by this for years and years and have just come to know it as a former eyesore, and now a destination for food and drinks. That’s the most rewarding part is the reaction of all of those people,” he said. 

Silos Brewing Company is located at 122 Folger Avenue in Easley. Click here to learn more.

Enjoy responsibly.