GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – On Piedmont Highway, you will find Greenville’s oldest brewery, Thomas Creek, coming up on its 25th year. 

Founded by Tom Davis and his dad, Bill, Tom was the brewmaster. Tom passed away in early November.

His influence is seen in breweries around the area, something longtime friend and current productions manager Don Richardson has seen.

”A lot of these guys that are now like your big talent around in the brewing world got their starts here. He really is the papa of the Greenville beer scene.” 

Many have given back. Breweries across the state created something special to help raise funds for the Davis family. 

”We’ve had multiple local breweries involved in this, especially our alumni out of Thomas Creek, has been the Legacy Ale. Each different brewery is kind of doing a different spin-off of our red ale.”

Meanwhile, the brewery works to build the Thomas Creek brand. 

”Trifecta is one of our flagship IPAs…actually one that I helped create back about 12 or 13 years ago.” 

Typically, around fourteen beers are available at one time, plus their own non-alcoholic root beer. The taproom goes through 30 to 40 styles in a year. 

Greenville isn’t the only place you can find Thomas Creek beer.

They distribute to other portions of the Southeast, and you’ll be able to find it all the way up in Pennsylvania.

One of their up-and-coming beers is O.G’ville IPA.

”So this is a hazy IPA…this is our step into the hazy IPA world. So for those not familiar with the hazy IPA, this is going to be brewed with copious amounts of hops but it’s going to be very low on the bitterness.” 

Stouts, a Pilsner and multiple shades in between; something for every palate.

The return of old favorites, a honeysuckle Saison and a chocolate-orange IPA, is right around the corner.  

Thomas Creek continues to support those around them, even other breweries. 

”With the growing amount of breweries here in Greenville now, being the biggest brewery in the area we have a good bit more resources than a lot of the other guys have so they definitely lean back on us.” 

They support the community, too by participating in fundraisers for the Julie Valentine Center’s mission to provide free support to victims of sexual assault and child abuse. 

Recently, they’ve been a drop-off site for donations to Upstate Food Not Bombs, collecting supplies for those in need. 

”We’re constantly trying to help out the community and just really be a part of Greenville.” 

Enjoy responsibly.