ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WSPA) – It was once the home for AFRAM, the first African-American owned and operated manufacturing company in Asheville’s history. 

The building is an important part of what is now the River Arts District and is home to Wedge Brewing, proudly watched over by General Manager Lucious Wilson.

”There’s lots of stories of the significance of the name Wedge. What we like to say is drinking and lying at the wedge, you never know whether a story is true or not. But the building itself has wedge-like features to it.” 

Opening in 2008, one goal was to give the area’s artists and residents a place to meet up. 

”You can bring your friends, and have a beer, and kind of lose yourself in story and have a good time…and tell all the stories that are momentous for you.” 

”This is what everyone calls our O.G. location…lots of art, lots of defining features.” 

”This facility is mostly outdoors, right on the railroad tracks…there’s a lot of cool features.” 

The original Wedge Studios location on Paynes Way in Asheville is best known for its copious outdoor seating, which is great for those lovely mountain weather days.

However, on cold, damp days, there’s always the indoor brewpub location on Foundy Street.

There’s also a taproom-only location in the Grove Arcade downtown. 

Expect selection. Anywhere from 15 to 25 beers are available at one time. They typically make around thirty different styles a year. 

Lucious is particularly proud of their main IPA.

”I believe that the Iron Rail is the best IPA that exists. It’s super-classic, it’s super drinkable. It’s one of those beers that you can just keep coming back to.” 

From their Julian Price Czech Pilsner…to lagers, stouts, seltzers, and a rotating sour selection…there’s enough going on to brew at both River Arts facilities. 

A spicy, dark stout is a new offering, and their “Some Kind of IPA” brings an ever-changing twist on a classic. 

”So we like to rotate between the different styles so that no matter how often you show up, there’s always something different for you to try.” 

Wedge also shows up for others.

They participated in this season’s Christmas toy drive with Asheville’s Eblen Charities.

They’ve worked with Asheville On Bikes, a non-profit that works to improve Asheville’s biking infrastructure.

They also host other charity events in their Foundy Street event space. 

Beer, art, and community; the founding principles of Wedge Brewing. 

”We’re really proud to be a part of the brewery scene in Asheville for as long as we have and just be a part of that authentic Asheville experience.” 

Enjoy responsibly.