GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The NCAA March Madness Women’s Basketball Regionals are in Greenville this weekend. 

Can’t get a ticket for the games? YeeHaw Brewing on McBee Avenue is ready for you. 

Yee-Haw originated in Johnson City, Tennessee, where a larger facility makes and distributes their higher-volume beers. 

But, the Greenville brewery, which opened in 2018, is the test lab for the Yee-Haw family.

Lee Chasteen, the head brewer, gets to craft numerous beers for enjoyment here and elsewhere.

”We can experiment with recipes and create and develop and come up with new core brands that we can send and scale up there to put into distribution.” 

“We could have anywhere from a couple to eight beers at a time being processed back here.” 

”We’ll be testing out some different types of seltzers like tea seltzers and should hopefully be coming up here in the next couple of months.” 

From Kolschs and Pilsners to ciders, lagers and IPAs, Yee-Haw typically has fourteen different styles of beer available at one time, with over forty different styles on tap throughout the year.

”Our customer base really loves their hoppy beers and really like lagers and seasonal fruited sours.” 

The customers also love sports. 

Whether it’s the women’s college basketball tournament or any other major sporting event, they’ve got the big screen to keep you covered.” 

“It’s nice to have events come to Greenville like March Madness, women’s and men’s tournaments. We’ll be running beer specials all week long, we’ll be featuring some of the games on the big screen and just having a good time and being a place for people to come hang out. If they can’t make it to the game at Bon Secours, then they come down here.” 

Gametime isn’t the only time Yee-Haw steps up their game. 

“We try to be active in the community, we do a lot of donations to charitable auctions to support different charities around town.  Most of our events are focused locally, we do a lot with Furman and Clemson.” 

The roots may be in Tennessee, but this brewery’s heart is all Greenville. 

”A lot of us have been here since the start in 2018. We just, we really enjoy working together and we enjoy serving the community and see what we make, you know, have them enjoy it and show them that we’re here for them.” 

Enjoy responsibly.