GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — Community members and elected officials gathered Friday night at the Mount Pleasant Community Center to honor the lives lost to COVID-19.

This comes on the heels of the state’s health department reporting 795 total deaths in Greenville County.

Founder of Fighting Injustice Together, Bruce Wilson, said he put together Friday’s memorial to remind families that their loved ones who died are still remembered.

“We just want to honor those victims,” Wilson said. “We want to show those families that we’re thinking about them, that they’re in our prayers.”

He did so by placing 600 chairs at the Community Center as a representation of all of those who should still be here today.

“I think if you look at the chairs outside… It’s powerful,” Wilson said. “And its touching.”

But Wilson also mentioned that Friday’s memorial was about creating awareness for minorities.

“This disease is killing people, especially in the black and brown communities,” Wilson said. “And throughout the state and our nation.”

Now — he’s calling on people in the community who are minorities to step up and get vaccinated.

“We know that there’s a vaccine. We know there’s hesitancy in the black community and I understand it for good reason, but I believe that we have to be willing to take this vaccine,” said Wilson.

Wilson said it’s a movement he’s already behind.

“I’m in a trial myself. I just had my second shot yesterday,” Wilson said. “And so, I want individuals to see that if I’m willing to do it, I hope that I can inspire someone else to feel more comfortable doing it.”

He said he wants to inspire the Greenville County community to be a part of curbing the spread and to get in line to get the vaccine.