Carolina’s Family and our parent company Nexstar are working together to recognize remarkable women in our community.

Out of over 200 local nominees, four finalists were selected and we will be sharing their stories over the next several weeks.

It’s time to meet our next finalist: Frankie Gilbert.

Frankie has worked tirelessly for 37 years with all kinds of patients as a nurse and takes care of her family, including one with special needs.

Frankie’s daughter, Miranda, nominated her and said she’s not only remarkable, she’s nothing short of an angel.

“My mom is one of those people that you can’t put into words,” Miranda said.

Frankie has giving in her DNA. She’s been a nurse for almost four decades. Add to that raising a daughter with down syndrome, and you can understand why Miranda would call her mom remarkable.

Taking care of patients, some of who may be terminally ill, takes a special person and skill sit, but Frankie said it’s not a job but a ministry.

Miranda is in awe of how her mother can do it.

“She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders and you would never know it,” Miranda told WSPA.

Erica, Frankie’s other daughter, has had not one, not two, but three heart surgeries. At times she felt like giving up, but through it all Frankie kept the faith.

Miranda said it Frankie’s attitude that has gotten her through the toughest of times. Miranda lost her own fiance to addiction.

“After he passed away, I tried to make something positive out of it. I created a community event in Downtown Spartanburg to try to raise awareness for addiction and death,” said Miranda.

Additionally, Miranda has been inspried to put on pageants for people with special needs, including her sister Erica. It’s a venture that makes Frankie beam with pride.

Frankie said that God works in mysterious ways. When she first got into nursing she did not want to work with heart patients, but it was that training that prepared her to take care of her daughter Erica.

On March 6, the third or our four finalists will be revealed.