Carolina’s Family and our parent company Nexstar are working together to recognize remarkable women in our community.

Out of over 200 local nominees, four finalists were selected and we will be sharing their stories over the next several weeks.

It’s time to meet our next finalist: Valerie Campbell.

Valerie Campbell is not your ordinary mom. Along with her biological son, she has adopted six children out of the foster care system.

The 36-year-old got the inspiration after watching a movie called White Oleander when she was just a teen. The movie is about a young girl who experiences tragedy and abuse in foster care while jumping from home to home.

“I saw the movie and said someday I’m going to do that. I’m going to be part of that solution,” said Valerie.

10 years later she welcomed her first foster child into her home, a girl with autism named Taylor. She started praying for the girl to eventually be adopted. Little did she know that ‘she’ was going to be going the adopting.

Friend and colleague June Proctor nominated Valerie for our Remarkable Women contest.

“How many young mothers do you know that don’t even want their own children and then I saw Valerie and just how much she will run around making sure the plates are ready and feeding them. It’s always the kids come first and then she comes next,” said June.

Valerie, who went to great lengths to adopt three of Taylor’s brothers and subsequently adopted two other girls, says it’s her life’s mission.

Fostering isn’t for everyone. Valeria admits it takes a tremendous amount of patience and presents it’s own set of challenges.

“They’re going to try over time to push you away and test the boundaries. You have got to know what they are doing. It feels personal sometimes, but they’re looking to see if you’ll let them down like everybody else,” said Valeria.

Valerie said that if you are on the fence about fostering check with the BAIR foundation.

Valerie knows she’s breaking cycles and impacting generations.