Carolina’s Family and our parent company Nexstar are working together to recognize remarkable women in our community.

Out of over 200 local nominees, four finalists were selected and we will be sharing their stories over the next several weeks.

It’s time to meet our last finalist: Yvette McKensie

Teaching your kids manners is one of your jobs as a parent and teaching them how to be good people is a special skill, one that Yvette has done very well.

Weather it’s having her kids grab food and water for storm victims in Charleston or taking her kids to Honduras to help with her church’s mission Yvette has always taught her kids perspective.

“Early in my life, I had a lot of challenges and it got to the point where you have just about nothing. There’s nothing like being pregnant and watching your car be repossessed and not having food in the cupboards to help you recognize the need to help other people,” said Yvette.

Her daughter Taylor, who nominated her mom for the remarkable woman contest, says her experience in Honduras as a young teen changed her life.

Yvette said she got her giving passion from her parents.

“My mother’s Puerto Rican and my father’s Irish, so right there is a pretty intense combination, but as passionate as they may have been about arguing about something they are still very passionate in love. My parents are still married almost 62 years and my father is still taking care of my mother,” said Yvette.

These days, Yvette spends her time taking care of her parents by raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association after they both developed dementia.

She and her family have now completed their 4th Walk for the Cause and it couldn’t make Taylor more proud.

Yvette said she is so proud of her girls. They are her legacy and to hear them say wonderful things about her makes her feel like she did something OK.