Elizabeth Colen, Fitness Expert for It’s a Glam Thing stops by to show us how to do a paper plate workout.


The “Paper Plate” workout.

Hold paper plate in your hand.

Stand tall with feet hip width apart.

Step forward with your right leg, lift your left leg and bend forward and place the plate on the floor.  Smoothly, come back to standing position (try to keep your left leg bent if you can, working on balance as well).  Once you get your balance bend forward and pick up the plate, coming smoothly back up.

Repeat on the other leg.


3 sets 5-15 reps

Hold paper plate in both hands

Stand tall with feet hip width apart, then step out one step wider and turn toes outward.  Squat down and place the paper plate on the floor come back to a stand.  Squat down and pick up the plate and stand tall.


3 sets 5-15 reps

Repeat on the right side.

Place the paper plate between your thighs and squeeze tight as you squat down, don’t let the plate slide.  Keep feet together.   Return to standing, keeping those thighs tight not letting the plate fall.


3 stets 5-15 reps