FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. (WSPA) – This week’s high school standout is a dual-threat quarterback who led his team to the first win in program history.

Sam Holliday competed for the starting role over the summer and, in game one of the 2023 season, helped the team win their first game as a varsity program with a two passing, two rushing touchdown performance.

While it was the varsity program’s first, Holliday is no stranger to winning. The freshman guiding the Fury’s D-team to an undefeated season last year in what he said was a foundational season for the group.

“Last year was kind of a big building block for the whole program. Just seeing a lot of the young guys come up and have an undefeated season, it plays a big role in the team we have this year,” Holliday said.

Watch below for more from Coach Brett Nichols.