GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Eastside High School baseball’s 4A State Championship last weekend included a catcher in his final high school game, Cayden Erwin, and his father, head coach Scott Erwin.

Scott led the Eagles to a second state title in four seasons, this time with his son as a vital part of the lineup.

“24 years of coaching here at Eastside. I couldn’t be at a better school or a better community,” Scott said. “But the last four years getting to coach him and see him grow and for him to actually experience this and be a part of this, yeah that’s special. That’s really special.”

“We don’t really like to show it a lot,” said Cayden. “But when it comes to this you kind of have to a little bit, you know it got a little emotional. I wrapped my arms around him, especially [being my] senior year…it was a special feeling. Glad to be able to share it with him.”

Eastside defeated Hartsville 10-9 in the title game.