SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — With all the decorations up in around town people want to know if we will have a white Christmas?

The answer is usually no, but if we know anything about 2020 it’s that this has not been a usual year.

A White Christmas is one where you have at least one inch of snow on the ground. Each year our chance for a White Christmas is between 5% and 10%, which is at least better than 0%.

We might not see snow but Santa, a winter weather expert, said he enjoys Christmas with or without snow.

“Everywhere I go there is a different climate: Windy, cold wet, you know? And I can handle it,” said Santa.

In 2019, the Carolinas were hit with a quick snowstorm that dropped one to four inches in the Upstate and as much as 16 inches in some spots in the mountains. That was the first White Christmas the Carolinas have seen since 1963!

By that math we are not scheduled to see another White Christmas until 2037.

While chances for a White Christmas are low in the Upstate, you can increase your chances by going north to North Carolina. In the Upstate our average snowfall per year is five inches but in Asheville the average snowfall is 12 inches!