SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – The Spartanburg County District 3 school board voted Thursday to place a $58 million bond referendum up for a vote this Spring. 

“We have great teachers who have done a great job in the classroom but we would like to enhance that,” said School Board Chair Kevin Lee.
District officials said the money would be used to build a new, consolidated middle school and renovate five other campuses. 

“I went to school in this district. I went to Cowpens,” said Tonya McCullough. 

Not only does she now have her own children in District 3 schools, she’s also a teacher at Clifdale Elementary. 

“I see in my own students – teamwork is a big deal,” said McCullough. 

It’s the kind of collaborative learning district leaders want to create in a consolidated middle school. 

Cowpens Middle School and the Middle School of Pacolet would be replaced with one new campus at a different location. 

Superintendent Kenny Blackwood said there would be smaller class sizes in bigger classrooms. 

“An innovation academy concept where students are able to be in pods and learning centers and have movement,” said Blackwood. 

The school board approved a resolution for a $58 million bond referendum to build the new school and renovate five others. 

“If there was another option for the school district to ask for, we would,” said Blackwood. “It’s the first time school district 3 in its history has asked for a referendum.”
The district says taxes would increase $8.22 for a $50,000 home. 

“Most of our families around here, they’re low income – $8 a month is not that much to pay for a brand new school for our kids,” said McCullough. 

It’s a new school that’s getting it’s proposed property donated by The Family and Friends of Roger Milliken.      

Colliers International’s John Montgomery made the announcement at Thursday’s meeting. 

District leaders say the land behind the district office is about halfway between both middle schools. 

“I know people will be a little bit angry about travel time – especially with the kids having to ride the school bus. But I think all-in-all, it’s pretty well centrally located,” said resident Jack Linder.  “It’s not about me. It’s really not about the community. It’s about the kids.If a kid can get an education. They can make it in life.”

Residents will vote on the referendum April 16, 2019. 

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