UPDATE: Mark Wright has been sentenced to 40 years concurrent with lighter sentences for some charges, according to 7NEWS.

The judge sentenced Jermaine William to 30 years concurrent with other lighter sentences, 7NEWS said.

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Two people charged in a 2018 robbery and shooting will be sentenced on Friday. The sentencing for Jermaine Williams and Mark Wright will take place Friday morning at the Greenville County Courthouse.

We previously reported the robbery, kidnapping, and shooting case that happened in September 2018. On Sept. 25, masked men ambushed Warren Willis as he left the W.E. Willis Grocery store on Highway 414.

Deputies say Willis was bound with zip ties, kidnapped and taken to his home on Sweetgum Road. The men traveled to the store in a stolen truck, according to deputies.

The suspects parked the stolen truck on Howard Drive and walked half a mile to the business and waited for Warren Willis to exit the store. When Willis walked out, the suspects brutally attacked him – binding him with zip ties and loading him into the backseat of Willis’ car, according to the sheriff.

Willis was taken to his home where deputies say the suspects also bound Willis’ wife. The suspects beat the couple for 30 to 40 minutes, according to deputies.

Mrs. Willis was shot and stabbed following the torture, deputies say. The suspects left in Willis’ vehicle after ransacking the couple’s home and stealing cash.

Six others have been charged in connection with the case. Williams and Wright will be sentenced on Friday.

Jermaine Bernard Williams, 38, is charged with:

  • first degree assault and battery
  • two counts of kidnapping
  • third degree arson
  • criminal conspiracy
  • grand larceny over $10,000
  • two counts of armed robbery
first degree assault and battery10
2 counts of kidnapping30
third degree arson15
criminal conspiracy5
grand larceny over $10,00010
two counts of armed robbery30
possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute6 months

Williams will serve 30 years in prison.

Mark Alan Wright, 49, of Travelers Rest has been charged with:

2 counts of kidnapping60
third degree arson 15
criminal conspiracy5
armed robbery30
armed robbery and possession of weapon during violent crime30
attempted murder30
first degree assault and battery10
first degree burglary 40

Wright will serve 40 years in prison.