SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Two people have been charged after a shooting and crash in Spartanburg, according to police.

Police say they were called to a crash at the intersection of West Crescent and John B. White Blvd. around 3 a.n. on Saturday.

Before the crash, they had reports of 20 shots fired around the Kensington and John B. White Sr. Blvd. area.

When they got there no one was in the car.

They say it had traveled down John B. White knocking down street sings and destroying the stone wall that runs parallel with the street.

The car was on its roof in the intersection.

The car had a bullet hole in the driver side of the vehicle.

Police searched the area and found two people that admitted to being in the car, according to police.

Donchevell Biggs was taken to jail because he had warrants.

Shagnes Holmes-Robinson was transported to Spartanburg Regional due to her injuries.

During the search of the car two bags of green leafy substance were found and shell casing were found around the vehicle, according to the report.

A witness told investigators that stated a dark color vehicle ran the car off the road.

Officers say they found that vehicle in the parking lot of the Spartanburg Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The vehicle had hit the street sign and driven off the road and down the embankment, destroying the church’s landscape in the process.

The vehicle had been hit by a bullet on the back windows pillar, according to the report.

They found shell casings that started at Georgetown Village Apartments, which is 1.2 miles from the collision on West Crescent and John B. White Sr. Blvd.

The vehicle had blood on the driver and passenger side seats, window frame and on the back seats.

They say there was an empty shoulder holster in the floorboard and another one outside the vehicle.

During the investigation they say they found out that Shagnes Holmes-Robinson gave them a false name and birthday.

The report says she admitted to it because she had an outstanding warrant with the city.

Holmes-Robinson is charged with False Information and Simple Possession Of Marijuana.

Donchevell Briggs was issued a citation for Simple Possession of Marijuana.

10/31/16 Spartanburg Police Department 1287 08:53 Public Information Log Page: 18 Date: 10/29/16 ——————————————————————————– (5102P0351597). Ms. Holmes-Robinson agreed to give a written statement. I did not take one at that time due to she had been drinking and was given meds at the hospital. Mr. Donchevell Briggs was issued a citation for SPOM (5102P0351598). Pictures were placed in evidence at city hall and two cell phones that were found on scene were also placed in evidence. One of the cell phones belonged to a Ms. Jasmine Rogers. I spoke to her mother Ms. Teresa Rogers. Ms Rogers stated she thought her daughter was in Columbia Sc. I will be speaking to a Judge in reference to this case once written statements are obtained.