COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – Ken Stenson is head of the South Carolina Emergency Management Division. 

He said no matter the forecast each year, they are in constant planning for whatever hurricane season might bring. 

By bringing different agencies together for planning exercises, managers can talk through potential needs so they can anticipate where to send resources to help. 

Adding intelligence officials to study exactly where resources can be staged has helped to cut the time between need and relief. 

El Nino is forecast to develop by early summer and last into at least next winter. 

These conditions often mean less tropical activity, and that’s reflected in the below-average number of storms forecast this year. 

Even so, Stenson said S.C. will always prepare the same no matter the forecast since it only takes one hurricane or tropical storm to bring major impacts to the S.C. coast and even areas inland like the Western Carolinas. 

Hurricane season runs from June 1 – Nov 30.