GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — Rowen Taylor loves police cars and fire trucks. Last week, patrol car after a patrol car drove to his home just for him.

“He was so excited,” said Kahrissa Taylor, Rowen’s mom. “They showed up with 25 police cars, a fire truck, SWAT vehicle with Santa and all the k9 units.”

Taylor has autism and several health issues, including a mitochondrial disease that has not been diagnosed.

“The current problem is he has a mitochondrial disease, and we have no idea which one,” said Taylor. “We are proceeding with trying to get testing to figure out what that is. The testing out of pocket is well over $6,000. Our insurance denied it four times in a row and refuses to receive any more appeals.”

“It’s terrifying and awful because as parents, we know that he needs this testing, and we need to figure out what he has so we can figure out how to treat it,” she added.

After Greenville County Deputy West met Taylor at church and heard his story, he decided to organize the procession.

“Everyone surrounded us with love from the community, which we really appreciated because that love has been severely lacking in our lives,” said Taylor.

Taylor explored the SWAT and fire trucks and received Christmas presents from the deputies. Sheriff Hobart Lewis also made him an honorary deputy.

Deputies and fire responders donated more than $1,800 to Taylor’s family.

“It went into our GoFundMe to help fund everything for Rowen’s medical testing,” said Taylor.

Taylor’s mom said it meant so much.

“We’ve had so much happen in the last three years of his life,” explained Taylor. “It was so nice to have people who recognized how hard this has been for him us, wrap around us in this time, love and support us, and be able to show that the community is listening and caring.”